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I got in trouble for being punched in the face lol #storytime

A memory just tapped me on the shoulder in response to an ongoing ponder I have: Where did things begin? We go our lives on a habitual auto pilot never getting back to the root of the matter. I love to dissect and resurrect. I feel I owe it to myself and the world.

It was 3rd grade and there was this boy named Arthur who had a little crush on me. In true elementary fashion, it was shown by way of 'being mean' so he always found a way to tease me. One day, we were sitting at our desks next to one another and I forgot why we were in a bit of an argument and somewhere down the line, it ended with him legitimately punching me in the face. Lol no lie. It was abrupt as the quarrel was not intense just juvenile bickering. I believe I didn't care to share answers or something like that. lol

I was shocked and hurt af and truly wanted to let loose. I've never been a fighter but I can be reactive and show my claws if I feel threatened or in danger. So instead, I told. I told the…

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